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Go Green

Fun ways to approach green living with your kids.

Gone are the days when the ideal way of spending a holiday was visiting the park. When the sight of a lush garden or a new book rather than a growing stack of new video games would make the kids squeal with delight.

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A little EXTRA never hurts!

Great ideas for children's extracurricular activities.

All work and no play make children’s lives dull and boring. We’re sure all the parents couldn’t agree with us more. Gone are the days when the only thing that parents wanted to see was an ‘A’ on their kid’s report card.

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Spell it Right!

How to make spelling easier for kids.

Do you often find your children scratching their heads when asked to spell a big or complicated word? Then it’s about time you take a step to fix this.

Here are some magical tips to make your kids Spell-a-Thon ready in just a few days. And, no they don’t involve casting a learning spell on your little ones!

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Learning at It's Best!

How to make learning easier for your children.

What if your kids were learning something while staring at their bedroom walls? What if their brains were actually absorbing information while playing with their toys? These aren’t just what ifs any more. A new type of learning, known as incidental learning, seems to be the solution to all parent woes.

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