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Checklist: Travelling with Kids

Well, gone are the days of stress-free check-in, compact hand luggage, and relaxing flights. You can always spot a travelling parent, loaded down with kiddie gear and fairly frazzled.
After using the checklist below though, you’ll be ready to travel in no time…
Pram or stroller: take the lightest option you can get away with Hand luggage
Nappies and wipes: enough for 24 hours (pack the rest in your luggage)
Travel changing mat
Clothes: extra outfits in case of accidents, plus sleepwear if you’re on a night flight
Bibs: at least two
Bottles or toddler cups: don’t forget the lids to avoid spillages in your bag
Storage bags: really useful to store those dirty clothes and bibs
Pacifiers: these can be really help during take-off and landing to help ease the changes of air pressure on your child’s ears 
Medicines & first aid: pain relief, plasters, ear drops, thermometer
Snacks: there will always be moments when your little one needs pacifying with their favourite snack
Hand sanitiser
Toys: bring a mix of some familiar favourites, including a teddy, and a couple of surprises to entertain them when fidgety – and to avoid hearing ’’are we there yet?’ on repeat
Current picture of your child: in case you get separated from your child, this will help the authorities 
Fabric highchair: easy to roll up and ideal if travelling to less developed destinations or self catering villas where highchairs may be unavailable
Clothes: pack an outfit per day, plus an extra three 
Shoes: depending on the weather don’t forget wellies, sandals, beach shoes etc
Sun hats, gloves, scarves: be prepared for the weather
Nappies & wipes
Bibs: plus disposable ones to avoid having to washing
Toiletries & first aid: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton wool, nail clippers, sun cream, mosquito spray and bite cream
Bottles & cups
Formula milk: if you’re worried you cannot buy it at your destination
Leave behind...
Travel cot or inflatable toddler bed: most hotels and rentals will provide this
Car seat: if hiring a car, this is often an optional extra