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What to expect when you bring home your second baby

Raising a baby is no walk in the park, raising two can seem downright impossible. If you already have baby no.2 on the way, relax. With a calm mind and a little help from those around you, we are pretty sure you can manage things.

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Start reading now!

Reading is a habit that has lifelong benefits. Like many other habits, if this habit is started in childhood, it becomes second nature by the time the child grows up. Reading not only develops your child’s imagination but it also makes them more attentive and helps them express their feeling and emotions better. Getting your child to continue reading is difficult in these times when there is TV and tablets vying for their attention. With a little effort you can get your little one hooked on books. Here are a few tips:
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Boost your little one's immunity this winter!

Mommies, winter is just around the corner and it may bring with it a host of cough & cold bugs. We have brought to you a few interesting and easy tips to adapt at home that will ensure your little ones catch fewer colds and develop a stronger immunity this winter.

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Oral Care For Little Ones

How exciting it is when your child gets his or her first tooth! Isn't it, mommies?

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Your essential guide to weaning

You may have mastered the breast or bottle-feeding stage, but you’re not a fully-fledged mum until you’ve had pureed carrot flung into your hair. Making a mess is all part and parcel of the weaning process, that time when your baby switches to solid foods.

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Checklist: Travelling with Kids

Well, gone are the days of stress-free check-in, compact hand luggage, and relaxing flights. You can always spot a travelling parent, loaded down with kiddie gear and fairly frazzled.

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The Hygiene Regime

How to make hygiene fun and easy for your kids.

The idea of teaching kids to be hygienic may seem very simple but getting those little ones to learn anything is a constant battle. Following rules is something kids love to hate. Reading your mind here, aren’t we?

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Teaching Respect

Teaching children how to respect.

Disrespectful children are a growing concern among parents today. Most of us complain about our kids not showing respect to elders but what we do not realize is that children learn from us, either by way of watching us or by acting on the values we teach them.

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Bond Better

How to develop a better relationship with your children.

One of the most common and difficult things to do, especially in these modern times, is to find time to keep communications open with your children. Most 21st century families feel the crunch when it comes to ‘WE’ time.

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All You Need to Know About Weaning - Part 1

What foods you should introduce at every stage of weaning.

Weaning your infant off of breast-feeding is a crucial time, we bring you a 3 part series with everything you need to know about the process.

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