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Start reading now!

Reading is a habit that has lifelong benefits. Like many other habits, if this habit is started in childhood, it becomes second nature by the time the child grows up. Reading not only develops your child’s imagination but it also makes them more attentive and helps them express their feeling and emotions better. Getting your child to continue reading is difficult in these times when there is TV and tablets vying for their attention. With a little effort you can get your little one hooked on books. Here are a few tips:
What to read when to read?
To get your kids into reading, start by reading to them yourself. Later, when they have learnt to read themselves, they will find their own way to amuse themselves with story books. Make sure they have access to a variety of age appropriate books. Let the mix be story books and factual books of the kind that explains the world around them in a simple manner. Make a fixed time everyday only for reading, preferably before night time. This will enable the child to incorporate reading into their daily schedule.
Lead by example
Children are excellent at imitating, specially their parents. If your child sees you reading they will imitate you. Try and encourage your child to sit with you while you are reading and to pursue books of their own choice.
No force please.
Don’t try and force your child to read for any reason. Parents try to get their children to read in the hopes that they will become better students or will improve their vocabulary. Forcing kids to do things against generally tends to cause them to resent the activity. Similarly, forcing kids to read will deprive them of the pleasure of reading, and that will cause problems when they have to read for school.
Reading disabilities
Sometimes children have problems with reading even though they have a strong desire to read. This could be because of them suffering from any number of reading disabilities, most famous of which is dyslexia. It is a condition in which individuals have a problem with word recognition and spelling. Forcing children with learning disabilities can cause severe learning setbacks and emotional problems. If you suspect your child has learning disabilities. Please take them to a doctor. There are special aids for helping children with reading disabilities.
Once you get your child hooked onto reading, you will have given them a hobby to last a lifetime, one that is highly enjoyable and that can be very useful as well.
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