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Putting baby to bed

Your baby’s sleep pattern can be described in one word – chaotic. Since we are used to sleeping for a straight stretch of 8 hours, getting used to a baby’s sleep pattern can be difficult. With the first few months of the eat, sleep and diaper change routine now behind you, you and your baby can now look forward to more peaceful times as they ease into a more normal pattern.

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Start reading now!

Reading is a habit that has lifelong benefits. Like many other habits, if this habit is started in childhood, it becomes second nature by the time the child grows up. Reading not only develops your child’s imagination but it also makes them more attentive and helps them express their feeling and emotions better. 
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2016 resolutions for your little one

It’s that time of the year when you can help make bad, good and good better! It is the best time to talk about things that need improvement in the coming year.

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Keep them warm!

Wrapping your newborn in a swaddle has a number of benefits, not least that it helps to keep your baby warm and secure. In those first early days babies can be easily startled, even by themselves and their own reflexes.
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Keeping Kids Safe In The Kitchen

How do you avoid worrying and ensure that you keep your children safe when they are old enough to run around the house? Read on to know:
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On Raising Healthy Eaters

No more fretting or dreading this phase anymore, mommies. We’ve got some really amazing tips on how you can ensure you raise healthy eaters who eat with minimal tantrums and get a diet full of nutrition to nourish healthy, strong bodies and smarter brains.
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids love playing dress up and admit it, you love dressing them up too.

Right mommies?
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Teaching kids about eating healthy

To educate your little ones about proper eating habits you must know a few things yourself first.
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Hands off the sugar!

The odds for winning the lottery are much better than the odds for finding a child who doesn’t like sweets. It’s not like they can help it!
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Food allergies and intolerances

When your child starts on solid foods it can be a fun time, but it can also come with a degree of worry, particularly if your little one is allergic to certain foods.
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