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On Raising Healthy Eaters

No more fretting or dreading this phase anymore, mommies. We’ve got some really amazing tips on how you can ensure you raise healthy eaters who eat with minimal tantrums and get a diet full of nutrition to nourish healthy, strong bodies and smarter brains.
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids love playing dress up and admit it, you love dressing them up too.

Right mommies?
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Teaching kids about eating healthy

To educate your little ones about proper eating habits you must know a few things yourself first.
Agree?Find out more!

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Hands off the sugar!

The odds for winning the lottery are much better than the odds for finding a child who doesn’t like sweets. It’s not like they can help it!
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Food allergies and intolerances

When your child starts on solid foods it can be a fun time, but it can also come with a degree of worry, particularly if your little one is allergic to certain foods.
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Eat out? Let's not!

Eating out has now become the norm rather than the exception. With most parents working and kids away at school, everyone ends up eating out. Even when everyone is together and hungry, families still end up ordering in or eating out since it is so very convenient.

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How to make paper flowers using cupcake liners

Looking for ways to boost your little one’s creativity quotient?
Look no further, here’s a simple paper craft activity you can try out.
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Let's play indoors!

Kids are always excited and energetic when they get back home from school. Their first experience in school is like a roller coaster ride, with all the highs and lows.

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Yummy & Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Convenience is important, but health is king!
You’ll definitely agree with us, right?
Healthy breakfast is really essential for your little ones growth.
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Your baby's five-a-day

Giving your little ones the right nutrition at the right time will take you a long run in keeping them healthy and strong. Yes or no mommies? You should give them food packed with vitamins and nutrients to support their overall growth and brain development.
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